Monday, October 02, 2006

Be fair on Foley

I have no idea what the GOP leadership knew about Mark Foley and when they knew it. If anyone sat on information that the guy was sexually stalking kids, they were acting like a political moron and moral cretin. If that includes Denny Haestert, so be it.

But I think a few rules should govern the feeding frenzy that we're in. First, we should be careful about ascertaining just what was supposedly known. It would be one thing to know that Foley sent and "overly friendly" e-mail (without sexual language or innuendo). That might concern someone (50-something year old guys are not usually big buddies with 16 year old kids), but not constitute anything that could be really be acted upon. I have no hope that this distinction will be respected, since we conduct our political dialogue in bad faith these days.

Second, the question of "knowledge" is not just for Republicans. If Dems knew about Foley's more troubling communications and said nothing. Or waited until the most politically propitious moment, they are just as culpable. The GOP may be running the House, but if a Democrat knew about Foley and sat on it, he or she may not the as much of a political moron, but is just as much a moral cretin.


Dad29 said...

Methinks that SOMEBODY in House leadership should have asked "what the Hell is "overly friendly?""

And yes, it appears that the timing here is, ah, fortunate for Democrats.

But stupidity is ALSO fortunate for Democrats, especially when practiced by Republicans.

Janstress said...

Ah yes, Republicans. Aren't they the moral majority? Christians? Oh-so-holy? Heck--let's impeach Clinton for having an affair, but a Republican who is allegedly caught being "overly friendly" with a 16 year old. . .puh-lease! Let's blame the media, the GOP, Hastert, Democrats. . .everybody but Foley! The good old GOP. . .double standards. "Do as I say, not as I do".

Rick Esenberg said...

Who doesn't want to blame Foley? He's creepy.

Anonymous said...

janstress -
Your post is reactionary, somewhat hysterical and not based on what is really going on at this point.
There is not a Republican (or Christian) that I have spoken to(or read their blog or seen on TV)who is trying to blame anyone but Foley for his very disturbed actions. The guy stepped down on his own, but I can assure you if he had not, most Republicans would have demanded it. Because we do have morals.
Secondly, I am sick of people like you attacking Christianity as if it were something to be studied by the CDC. I am proud of my beliefs and like most (note: I said most) Christains do not see myself as "oh-so-holy". Being a republican and a Christian is not synonymous with hypocricy.