Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The ultimate revenge of an adolescent for life

The Reddess and I attended a Stones concert a few years ago in Chicago and were a few feet from the stage. I can tell you that Keith Richards looks worse in person that he does on camera. The amazing thing is not that he has never grown up but that, when we say that he has settled into a state of permanent adolescence, the term "permanent" is apparently meant to be taken literally rather than figuratively. We used to say that only cockroaches would survive thermonuclear war. I think it would be cockroaches and Keith Richards.

So now we hear that the guy snorted his father's ashes with a cocaine chaser. There's generational turnabout for you. "Ground me, will you? One day I'll have you up my nose."

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Anonymous said...

I understand the reason he is performing is his 401K investments went bad.
He probably invested too much in foreign stocks like I did.