Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Great news on Tory Hill

Joe Zilber, a longtime developer and graduate of Marquette Law School's class of 1941, announced today that he will be making a $ 50 million dollar gift to charities within the city, $ 30 million of which will go to Marquette Law School. Most will be used for scholarships and some for the school's new building, in particular for a commons area within the building. It's a very generous gift and, for him, a wonderful legacy to be able to leave.

The school's new building is, of course, important, but I am particularly taken by the impact that $ 25 million in scholarship money can have for law students. Legal education is expensive and, while some lawyers make a great deal of money, there are equally critical career paths in the law that are not very renumerative. A gift that can not only provide access to law school, but free graduates to follow their hearts is a wonderful thing to do.

And it'll be fascinating to see what he chooses to do with the remainder of his gift.


Anonymous said...

Where do I apply?

I'll have a small mortgage of $120,000+ when I am done.

Anonymous said...

I am sure when Zilber heard you were going to be a full time instructor, that swayed him to make the contribution! More mush minds being molded into steel traps!

Dad29 said...

Mr. Zilber deserves all the kudos one can give for his action. He's become a major-league contributor to Milwaukee in the last few years, and he should be thanked.