Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shark on TV

I'll be on Charlie Sykes' Sunday Insight tomorrow morning at 10:00 am on Channel 4. For those of you at church (I mean you, Tenant), be sure to set the DVR.


illusory tenant said...

I took my visiting mother to Midnight Mass in Sheboygan last Christmas Eve (sang all the carols, too), therefore I'm good for the next five years, penance-wise.

So I'm free to watch Sunday Incite.

Dad29 said...


The good news: IT's attendance at one Mass in 5 years did not cause the Sheboygan church to fall down.

illusory tenant said...

Two masses in five years. My mom came down in '05 as well. But it's true the church is still standing, although one of the Stations of the Cross looked as if it was about to spontaneously combust as I passed by.

illusory tenant said...

By the way, Dad, since it's an important weekend for y'all, let me express my appreciation and magnanimity by stating that The Coventry Carol is an absolutely gorgeous and inspired piece of music, whereas Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer is an abomination.

Now don't ever say that I never agreed with you about anything.

Anonymous said...

Rick -

Have you read the Wall Street Journal this morning? J. Ziegler made it into a piece on the opinion page titled "Justice for Sale".

I guess Judges can do anything they want when they apparantly don't think Justices like Butler will do anything about it.

illusory tenant said...
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illusory tenant said...

Anon, I read the piece. Please explain what in the world Justice Butler -- or Justice Prosser, for that matter -- has to do with Justice Ziegler's declining to recuse herself from a case involving WMC.

The fact of the matter is, it would be the height of impropriety for one of Ziegler's colleagues to publicly, or even privately, I would argue, attempt to persuade her otherwise.

I'm guessing you're the same Anon who comments from time to time at Soglin's blog, because your objecting to some imaginary connection between Butler and Ziegler, in particular with respect to her former incarnation as a circuit court judge are very familiar.

Of course you're free to support whomever you wish, for whatever reasons you choose, but those objections to Justice Butler are just downright bizarre.

Anonymous said...

it -

You continue to argue that the Supreme Court does not have responsibilty for what happens in the Circuit Courts. I find that to be very misleading.

It's my view that Ziegler was a rule breaker because she thought it was permissable by the high court and that she wasn't concerned about what it would do, which Butler is part of. Therefore, you could probably apply the "risk contribution theory" to what the Supreme Court does not do to make sure our Courts are fair and impartial. I ask you what has J. Butler done in his years on the court to make our courts more fair and impartial. Name one for me to consider.

I have one other question for you. Are there more then one person writing under you alias?

Terrence Berres said...

Dad29, maybe IT's fondness for Latin phrases and taste in music is a sign you should invite him to the Oratory for a Tridentine Mass. We'll have you both over for Welsh rarebit afterward.

I promise not to play our "Cudahy Carolers Christmas" CD during dinner.