Sunday, December 28, 2008

Music for New Year's Day

New Year's is about starting over, even if we rarely do and even if we don't feel the need to. It is a reminder that redemption is still on offer. That if we are still here, there are possibilities. In a year that, personally, has had both great highs and horrible lows, this is very much in my mind.

Over The Rhine's Trumpet Child expresses the idea with religious and musical imagery that recalls the now and the not yet. It's a great song for Christmas and New Year's Day.

The most fantastic singer that no one ever heard of is Beth Hart. She hits the hope and change theme in a way that reminds us of its potential and difficulty in "Hiding Under Water."

Beth is huge in Denmark and Holland. Why she isn't a huge star here is beyond me. But, then, I've already said that.

The obvious U2 selection would be New Year's Day, but my point is better reflected in "Walk On.' This is a performance shortly after 9-ll and can't be understood outside of that context. Near the end, the stage fills with New York cops and firefighters.


Anonymous said...

Nice selections, Shark. I liked the Beth Hart piece. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the entertaining musical medley.

I think the reason Beth Hart hasn’t made it here is American men can’t handle a woman with several tattoos.