Friday, January 02, 2009

In 2009 ...

1. Some ill advised stimulus and public works package will be enacted. It will have little impact on the economy although we will see the end of the housing slump this summer.

2. The Wisconsin legislature will pass little this year. It will enact a series of tax increases as part of the budget package, largely consisting of things that they can argue will not fall on the "average" taxpayer.

3. Healthy Wisconsin will not be enacted.

4. The smoking ban will not be enacted.

5. Obama will fight - and win - a rearguard action over whether to investigate the Bush administration.

6. Justice Stevens will resign at the end of the 2008-09 term and will be replaced by Harvard Law Prof Cass Sunnstein.

7. There won't be much of a race for the state supreme court and Chief Justice Abrahamson will be easily reelected.

8. Dissenting views on global warming will get more attention, with some major study or claim critical of the current "consensus" making a major splash.

9. Little will change in Iraq.

9. Israel will invade Gaza. Obama, wisely, will do nothing. Iran will pitch a fit and the clock will keep ticking on its nuclear program.

10. We won't do anything about Iran but Israel will strike a target there. Obama, wisely, will no nothing.

11. Despite losing C.C. Sabbathia and Ben Sheets, the Brewers will win the Central Division. Gallardo and Parra will have breakthrough seasons and Seth McClung will contribute in the bullpen. They will lose to the Phillies in the NLCS.

12. Brett Favre will retire and the Packers will bounce back in '09, winning the NFC North with a 10-6 record.

13. The Badger football team will bounce back as well with a 9-3 mark and a New Year's Day bowl.

14. In college basketball, both Marquette and Wisconsin will make the NCAA tournament and the Warriors will make the Sweet Sixteen. UWM will surprise everyone with a 12-6 conference record. The Panthers will lose to Butler in the Horizon league title game and finish at 20-12.

15. The Steelers will win the Super Bowl. Florida will beat Oklahoma next week. Georgetown will win the NCAA tournament. The Yankees will finally buy the World Series again. I don't care who wins the NBA.


Michael said...

It's not clear. Do you mean Obama will fight against having an investigation or for it?

(I think you meant against it (which is what he should do), but it's not completely clear.)

Anonymous said...

Does ANYBODY care who wins the NBA?

Jimi5150 said...

I think you're a bit optimistic about Wisconsin. Though, it could well be that the current economic situation will keep Jim and his minions somewhat in check.

Anonymous said...

"7. There won't be much of a race for the state supreme court and Chief Justice Abrahamson will be easily reelected."

After 30+ years you must advocate more?

James Rowen said...

Is this like baseball, where .300 means success?

Anonymous said...

Its probably best you stick to the law and refrain from any economic prognosis. We already have a mountain of those we call state representatives and its quite clear, the more law school one has, the less real world understanding there is. Your points are well made, and back this up nicely.

Rick Esenberg said...


You read correctly.


I don't even care about that.


This is our feeling, Dude.


I am not advocating, I am predicting.


I am not claiming success. I am simply disclosing.

Pete Gruett said...

I'm curious what you think the global warming bombshell is going to be. Do you think that someone's going to cast doubt on the fact of global warming by refuting the ability of thermometers to measure temperature or will they provide an actually viable alternative mechanism to anthropogenesis that isn't either easily refuted (solar activity) or non-existent (it just always does this . . . magically)?

krshorewood said...

But I do like your sports predictions Rick.

Anonymous said...


I am not advocating, I am predicting"

Okay, then I'm predicting you will not come out against J. Abramson.

Alex said...

Interesting that you think Hawaii will make the Sweet Sixteen, considering that they haven't even made the tournament since 2002, and they're 7-8 right now.

Hawaii, is, after all, the only team named the "Warriors." You were talking about them, right?


I don't understand why they didn't just keep the name and change the logo to a Spartan warrior, like a number of high schools have done. Or bring back "Golden Avalanche." At least that would have been more unique.