Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday's Hymn for Her

This week one of the greatest rock bands ever is playing at the Potawatomi Casino, so this Sunday it's all Pretenders.

The early Pretenders had a mocking punk sound. This is "Tatooed Love Boys."

This song was popular when my son was born. I'm not the cat I used to be either.

The band has a new album. This is "Boots of Chinese Plastic."

But this is one of the sweetest songs you'll ever hear. Forgive the existential French introduction and artsy shimmering camera. It doesn't last long.

The title of the post is, of course, a reference to another Pretenders song.


Anonymous said...

Oh cut the B.S. You just like her dog collar.

Anonymous said...

Posted at 8:08 AM???

Is this a post-Saturday night effort or a pre-church warm up?