Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who do we hate?

A recent e-mail exchange with Marquette University Law School Dean Joe Kearney raised the following question: What team is a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers supposed to hate? This was the provocative statement:

My distaste for the Cubs meant that, even if the White Sox had lost to the
Brewers this weekend, I could have seen something good in the matter.
Surely, to hate like this is to be happy forever. But who can we despise? And who will detest us?
The easy answer is the Cubs, but I have bad news. They are just not that into us. During last July's four game debacle at Miller Park, I overheard a Cubs fan say that it would take years before he could hate us like he hates the Cardinals. Ours would be hate unrequited. Oh, sure, they might call and ridicule us when St. Louis isn't around. We'd be just any port in a storm.

So what about the Cardinals? Here are the facts of life. Earlier this month, I spoke on a panel in St. Louis. For my obligatory ice-breaker, I shamelessly stole from our Cubs fan and said I felt comfortable there in the middle of a pennant race because I knew it would take generations before they hated us like they hated the Cubs. That room full of Card fans laughed and applauded. They could never hate us like we could hate them.

Face it. The prom is next week and pickings are slim. We could hate the Pirates. I heard the Phillies left them for the Mets. But it would be like dating the head of the AV Club. There are the Astros but I don't think we can hate them as long as Cecil Cooper is the manager. During that magical summer of '82 ... with Coop ... we had something. Something real.

Do you know the Reds? Cincinnati is something like Milwaukee - only with rednecks. There's not much history, but we could make memories, couldn't we? Does anyone have their number?

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Unknown said...

Prof. E.
As a huge Twins fan here who has lived next to miller park for the past 3 years (and a student of yours...you got me hooked on The Wire and got me hooked on this blog (and your class was great too...no joke, you were annoyingly objective).
I love the twins and really like (the closest thing to love?) the Brewers. I Loath the White Sox more than anything....but i also despise the Cubs (many of my twins fans brethren ask me 'how can you hate the cubs...they are the anti-heros on crack')...and my answer is "its the obnoxious fans."")) Not the team, not the city...
i happen to like WI, but i hate the packers because packers fans are some of the most self-entitled-delusional-homeristic fans ever. Favre...we in MN understood all along he was an overrated (best ever in Tds AND ints) egomaniac who lost as many games as he won (He is Desmond Howard away from being an annoying Dan Marino).

All the same...i got my tickets to the Twins-Brewers series, and as long as those losers in Chicago dont show up, i will eat a Nathans-Dog and talk some #U%F with the brewers fans about how much Chicago baseball sucks...(really, 2 teams, about 100 years and 1 world series....WORST BASEBALL CITY EVER!!!)

Let us Hate together....for a change...a MN-WI alliance against those Bears...Cubs....White Sox....I HATE THEM ALL!!!