Sunday, August 16, 2009

Irishfest - The Scattering

Back to Irishfest in a few minutes. I'll be pouring beer somewhere between 3 and 6 with some other conservative lawyers. Come start a fight. Or better yet, as someone told me last night, "if you have good food, good drink and smart talk, you've got a lot."

Karen and I did manage to catch the local Milwaukee band Whiskey of the Damned yesterday and they are very good with a great way of taking requests. "Write it on a twenty dollar bill and pass it up here. I'll play the hell out of it." Got to get that one to Shark, Jr. who is forming a 90s retro band. (They are going to be good.)

But for those of you who won't make it or did, but want more. I offer a few acts that weren't in Milwaukee this weekend.

The Reddess and I are big fans of the lefty band Black 47.

The Corrs are fantastic and incredibly easy to watch. Here they are with one of Jimi Hendrix' best songs.

And with Bono. You got to give a guy credit for bringing flowers to a walk on.

But there is no leaving without Whiskey in the Jar.

There's a line for our new world. "I first produced my pistol/then produced my rapier/I said stand and deliver/or the devil he may take you." (Or, in another version "for I am a bold deceiver.")

Sounds like Obamanomics. Go nuts.


illusory tenant said...

"other conservative lawyers"

Where do you dig those up? The only one I've ever met is you.

John Foust said...

"Bring it on."

Had to ruin a perfectly good music post, hmm?

Anonymous said...

IT -- Even though neither of them are Irish, Judge Bork and Justice Scalia were kind enough to help Rick and me (Don Daugherty) pour beer yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad there was no U2 (although Bono reared his ugly head), but I would've liked to see Stiff Little Fingers on your list. Tin Soldier, Nobody's Hero, or Alternative Ulster, maybe.