Sunday, July 04, 2010

Shark Jr. at Summerfest

Chris Esenberg performed this afternoon at the M & I Classic Rock Stage at Summerfest. He lost to a Whitney Houston sound a like. He was robbed. I am contemplating injunctive relief.

The young man enjoying his lunch at the beginning is Caleb Richard Esenberg who will be 2 on the President's birthday.


Dad29 said...

Well. He's certainly energetic!

And who's "Eisenberg"?

Rick Esenberg said...

I know you don't like that new fangled hip shaking music.

It's a common - although, as it turned out, ironic - error.

Dad29 said...

There's a reason I don't like 'hip-shaking' music.

It's a serious RISK to someone at my age. One might not be able to UN-shake...

And yah, I didn't think you'd appreciate that pronunciation.

James Rowen said...

looks like fun.