Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Ground War Ends?

If I'm understanding correctly, the error made by Waukesha's county clerk is easily verifiable. She is not changing Waukesha's official return. She is announcing that the official return will differ from what was reported to the media and explaining why. The official return will presumably match the machine tabulation and the ballots which secured on Tuesday evening. This isn't a question of departing from the machine count or of dicovering new ballots.

Folks should look at it but I suspect that it will be pretty straightforward. Its not clear now that there will be a recount or that a recount would have much chance of changing anything.

On the other hand, the one thing that we have learned to expect in the past few months is the unexpected.


Anonymous said...

I think you're exactly right. This isn't a situation where some poll worker found ballots in her trunk. For those that think Niklaus fudged the numbers it will be simple to prove if she did. There are votes from Brookfield and they say what they say. Period. I look forward to, and am hopeful that, confirmation of the Brokfield votes will result in a win for Prosser, and, by extension, the taxpayers of the State of Wisconsin. -JS

David said...

The question is whether other errors will be found.

The Journal-Sentinel article says that Milwaukee County is reviewing ballots in a warehouse somewhere and will not issue its revised numbers until Friday.

Stay tuned

George Mitchell said...

Several ¶s in the Journal Sentinel story about the Waukesha County clerk's ties to the Republican Caucus.

That balances the fact that when the paper reports on the Greater Wisconsin Committee it tells readers about the role of its director as Chuck Chvala's fundraiser on the state payroll, someone who received immunity during caucus investigations. The same Greater Wisconsin Committee whose smear of Prosser almost changed the elections results.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Nickolaus a former Republican staff member avoided prosecution in a 2002 corruption probe by agreeing to testify
against members of the assembly Republican Caucus. She then resigned.

She worked for 13 years as a data analyst and computer specialist for the caucus.

Anonymous said...

Journal Sentinel

Aug. 18, 2010

Waukesha - The County Board's Executive Committee
has ordered an audit of the county clerk...
The issue came to a head when Nickolaus removed the election results
collection and tallying system from the county computer network
this spring and installed it on standalone personal computers in her office.

She has said they are backed up with redundant systems.

Director of Administration Norman A. Cummings said
Nickolaus has been uncooperative with attempts to have
information technologists review the system and confirm the backups.

Unknown said...

Ohhhh, a government data analyst.... she must be good, like Chloe on 24!