Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More on Ozanne

My further remarks on Judge Sumi's decision and response to Ed Fallone can be found at the Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog.


Anonymous said...

Obviously global warming is a hoax perpetrated on us by liberals like Judge Sumi.

Anonymous said...

Are the decisions being made by the court and also the GAB in the recall elections motivated by the same thing?

Rachelle said...

I had said before that I thought that Sumi's reckless decision deserved a formal complaint, and now one has been filed against her.

I have no idea whether the ultimate decision will be found against her, and I strongly suspect that it will not.

Nonetheless, the complaint is a beginning. If judges are going to act as politicians rather than as judges than it is time that they be treated as politicians.

If this complaint doesn't work, maybe it is time to consider legislation to make it easier to reprimand and remove politicized judges. I know that it is a dangerous path to take--independent judiciary and all that--but it is too late to protect an independent judiciary.

Sumi is one more judge who has proven that we no longer have an independent judiciary-just politicians in robes.

Time to fashion the political tools to deal with them as their conduct merits.

They have been asking for it.