Monday, December 05, 2011

Who "screwed up" lighting of the Capitol Christmas Tree?

Senator Robert Jauch was upset about Gov. Walker's decision to move lighting of the state Christmas tree to the morning (as opposed to a noon ceremony). Although Walker denies it, Jauch claims that the change was designed to avoid protesters and then blames the Governor for ruining the tree lighting.
"It's normally a joyous occasion," Jauch said. "He has screwed up one of the finest traditions in the state Capitol." 

A small group of yahoos did decide to use the tree lighting as a vehicle for protest. If Walker was trying to avoid providing a background for political theater, who can blame him. If the result was to "screw up" the ceremony, the perpetrators would seem to be those, apparently including Senator Jauch, who can't put politics aside long enough to light a Christmas tree.

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John Foust said...

The lede of the story says "Protesters turned their backs as Gov. Scott Walker lighted the tree." Those nasty perps! They'd probably be disrupting the ceremony if they weren't even there.

Who cares if the school-kid choir has to get up at 3 a.m.? It's more important that Walker had a way to avoid "political theater."