Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jobs and the Recall

I have been behind in cross posting my Purple Wisconsin stuff here. My take on the emerging job debate can be found here, here and here.

There is a larger point here. If you want to recall the Governor of a state because of jobs, don't you think that you need to have better evidence than what is present here ? If Governor Walker had harmed the state so badly that he ought to be removed from office after one year - indeed before anything that he might have done could have much on an impact - don't you think you ought to have unambiguous numbers - much less numbers that mostly seem to point to job gains rather than losses?

The fact is this: The recall has nothing to do with jobs. It has nothing to do with so called "devastating" cuts with barely discernable impacts. It has everything to do with a direct challenge to liberal hegemony. It is about collective bargaining and the party of government. We won't hear about these things in the three week remaining because they aren't winning issues.

But the recall is about nothing else.

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