Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Politics and pizza at the UW

At least as far as the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board is concerned, the allegations of "union busting" at Palermo's fomented by Voces de La Frontera are unsupported by the evidence.
Voces says it will appeal and,  I suspect, it will lose again. That isn't surprising. Voces is a political, if not partisan, organization with a point of view. I suspect that it will try and push the law in the direction that it thinks it ought to go. I don't fault it for that even as I disagree with the direction in which they want to take it.
I do find offputting the efforts at both the Milwaukee and Madison campuses of the University of Wisconsin to use their allocation of tax dollars to support Voces' position.
I remember what it was like to think I had the world figured out but picking the pizza to be served at Camp Randall Stadium is not a political act. I would rather not have my tax dollars used as a weapon by ideologues. I don't think I'm alone.

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Calypso Facto said...

"Fire! Ready! Aim!"

It sounds as though the UW committee was ready to condemn Palermo's before even investigating the subject matter. I agree it is truly a shame that the UW would waste time and money on political grandstanding like this.

tom murphy said...

what other tack should we reasonably expect from a flaming red campus of student leaders, TAs, adjunct professors, associate professors, assistant professors, professors and whatever (not whomever) else might pop in the classroom door for 55 minutes of baloney?

Anonymous said...

3 weeks since the election and so far no more calls to the house from U.W. Madison soliciting for donations. Hmm...

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