Friday, March 22, 2013

A question about voter identification

In light of yesterday's filing of voting fraud charges, I have the following question for opponents of voter ID.
Assume that the current law was amended to provide free copies of birth certificates. Assume that it also authorized a series of "registration weekends" in which DMV offices would be open for those who cannot make it during normal hours. Perhaps we could even set up a couple extra "outreach" stations during these weekends at which a DMV employee would be availbale to issue IDs. Finally, if someone was still unable to get an id card, they could still vote if they signed an affidavit - under penalty of perjury - explaining their inability to vote. Their photo would be taken at the time they signed the affidavit and filing a false affidavit would be a felony.
Would you still oppose voter identification laws?

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Anonymous said...

Yes. The small number of charges is not worth the hassle for legal voters.

Look up "cost-benefit analysis".

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Anonymous said...

ID requirements, and the penalties for false representation, should be the same for voting and buying a gun. They are both rights and should be treated as such

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Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know what those who are opposed to voter ID laws have been doing to help ensure everyone has an ID.

For example, the Intertribal Council of Arizona argued against Az's law at the USSC. According to news accounts, one basis for their argument is that the Tribal members don't have access to the required documents. So, the question is: has the Intertribal Council been working to help Tribal members obtain the required documents?

sean s. said...

I would be willing to consider your proposals if the same pre-registration requirements were enforced before one was allowed to purchase a fire arm or ammunition. You may think that these issues are not connected, but they both involve registration requirements in order to exercise one's rights; the big difference being no class room full of children were ever killed by voter fraud.

sean s.

Bill Meyers said...

Despite the simple fact that there are 1.8 million deceased individuals on our voter rolls, the common retort is "but they don't vote." Ignored is the fact that one of those accused of voter fraud stated, "I voted for my dead wife because I know she would have wanted to vote for Obama."

The list of voting felons, double voting, and so on could go on for pages but I really don't think it would matter if you promised, for free, to visit each person at home to register them to vote. Nothing will be good enough for the voting fraud crowd.

Anonymous said...

Widespread voter fraud is a myth.

There are laws already on the books to properly deal with those cases of voter fraud.