Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The lights are not out

I arose this morning to a headline in today's Journal Sentinel  telling me that it is "lights out" today as the federal government shuts down and Obamacare proceeds.

Give me a break. The lights aren't out and calling what is happening today a government "shutdown" is a tad hyperbolic and, to the paper’s credit, the text of its report makes clear that the “shutdown” is “partial.”

Very partial. 

Now that the "lights" are "out," just what is the federal government not doing?  Are the military and national security apparatus on hiatus? No, they are not.  If you go Mitchell International today, there will be air traffic controllers in the tower and TSA personnel to run you through the airport Macarena. The food and drug safety agencies remain in operation and, if there is a disaster, FEMA will roll - at least as much as it ever does. The Fed and banking regulators are operational. The FBI is working. The courts are open.  In fact, the majority of federal workers are still going in. Benefits checks are still going out and taxes are still being collected.

This is all because Congress has provided that, in the event of a funding gap, "essential services" will continue and "essential" is defined rather broadly. In fact, one is tempted to argue that, if a federal job is not considered essential and immune from "shutdown," it probably shouldn't exist.

I won’t go that far – an extended furlough of some of these workers would be undesirable – but the sky is not falling.  Congress has provided that “essential” are to continue because "shutdowns" like this are not uncommon. Prior to today, we have had 17 since 1977 most of them prompted by issues far less compelling than the President's stubborn commitment to roll out parts of a health care plan which is clearly not ready for prime time even as he lawlessly refuses to implement other parts and grants exemptions to political cronies.

Lights out? It would be more accurate to say they’ve been dimmed. A little.

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John Mitchell said...

"Give me a break. The lights aren't out and calling what is happening today a government "shutdown" is a tad hyperbolic..."

Perhaps you ought to remind your friends on the right this point, as they are pulling out all of the stops to remind everyone who is responsible for this "calamity".

John Mitchell said...

Hmmm, the professor's friends are still at full throat over who is responsible for the shutdown and its apparent impact on the United States. Perhaps the Shark needs to double down on his insistence that this situation is merely "hyperbolic", even if it means temporarily losing his card carrying conservative membership privileges.

jp said...

I suggest we have the U.S. Treasury "stiff" the Chinese bondholders like the Greeks did to the Russians.

John Mitchell said...

It was Cyprus, not the Greeks. And the Russians involved in the banking deal received higher interest rates in exchange for their deposits being uninsured.
They knew the risks.

In a nutshell...no.

jp said...


Get a sense of humor.

Who would insure the Cyprus deposits?

Just curious.

John Mitchell said...

I do have a sense of humor, I responded to your post!