Thursday, September 04, 2014

Would you denounce a mosquito for biting you?

Of course, Debbie Wasserman Schultz' comments using domestic violence as a metaphor for Scott Walker's comments  are bizarre and reprehensible. Beating up women is a horrible thing. Suggesting that it is somehow like disagreeing with the Sage of Ft. Lauderdale (successor to the inestimable Alcee Hastings) on the rules for calculating damages in employment discrimination cases or on the minimum wage is insulting to victims of actual domestic violence, conservatives and rationality.

Or it would be if Debbie Wasserman Schultz was someone who is supposed to be taken seriously. But she's not. Her job is not to offer thoughtful and persuasive arguments for the left. As chair of the DNC, her role is to be a cheap shot artist; someone who strings together pejoratives to inflame the base and rile up donors. You could actually program software to do it. To blame her for being ridiculous is like criticizing a shark for feeding. It's her nature.

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Anonymous said...

kind of like, rance?

John Mitchell said...

You know full well that's not what she said, and you right wingers have completely blown the Congresswoman's accurate statement completely out of proportion.

Dad29 said...

Mitchell, our historical genius, cannot recall that Mary Burke has the same take as the godawful right wingers.

Of course, Mary Burke is not a historical figure.

John Mitchell said...

Professor, her comments are no more blatantly bizarre as your comments in April when you stated "Shorewood hates freedom of the press".