Sunday, October 05, 2008

Baseball oldies

I am about to leave for game 4 of the NDLS. I have a feeling that today is the series. If we see the good Suppan and the Brewers manage to win, we are going to see Sabathia on four days rest. Hamel will be tough but I have the feeling that the Brewers may be waking up. So here is today's theme:

And, we hope, that this is this week's:

But, win or lose, it's great to see good baseball in Milwaukee. I wore a Milwaukee Braves cap yesterday in tribute to our only World Series win. I'll wear to again. I'm all about retro.


Anonymous said...

Rick, great posts for a great baseball day! Y'know, Springer's music is great but it would be nice if he learned to sing with his eyes open. I swear, Ray Charles had better eye contact with his audience...

As I post this, you must be settling into your seat at Miller Park. I have two lasting memories of baseball in Milwaukee. The first is as a kid watching the Braves' Tommy Aaron hit a walk-off grand slam out of County Stadium, when manager Bobby Bragan had ordered him to bunt. The second is of the moment in 1982 when the Brewers won the ALCS ... the stadium just started shaking as Yount threw to Cooper for the final out. I can recall the emotion of the moment like it was yesterday. Baseball is a great game.

Rick Esenberg said...

I can still see Yount's throw to Cooper. I remember thinking he was going to throw it away. It just couldn't happen. A few seconds later I caught a Brewers batting helmet that someone had tossed into the air. I kept it. No way to find the owner.