Sunday, November 09, 2008

Post election rock

Late today, but it's post-election time and we should all feel good for awhile before we get back at each other's throats. Has the One who left us here come for us at last?

I have insisted that the proper response when you lose an election is to be a happy warrior. I couldn't find a great clip but I like ELP's "Jerusalem." "I shall not cease from mental fight nor shall my sword sleep in my hand till we have built Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land." Or, in our case, achieved the Restoration. I'd give a hat tip to Tony Blankley on this but he actually credited the poem to Robert Blake. You should keep your eye on the sparrow when the going gets narrow, but that's not what we're talking about here. The party of Sarah Palin is not the He-Man Women Haters Club.

And, its so obvious, but I have to do it. 46% of the vote? "God's will! I pray thee, wish not one man more." They will come.

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