Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Songs

Christ is risen - or so it is believed by about 79% of us (11% aren't sure). So how is that belief reflected in today's musical selections.

I have no idea of the nature of Bruce Springsteen's religious beliefs. His genius is being able to express an American ethos. More than perhaps anyone else, he expressed an American response to 9-ll. In a Christian country (and don't go all "Wallbuilders suck" on me, I am talking culturally and historically, not legally), it makes sense that this response would trade on Christian imagery.

He invoked both Good Friday:

And, in one of the most remarkable pieces of popular poetry in my life time,Easter. Is that what he meant? When you use this type of imagery, it doesn't matter what you mean. It is what will be understood:

But the Easter belief is hard. It is about what has happened and what we hope will happen. It leads us back to Advent:

We trust that someday and in someway it will be fufilled. As for U2 and, as he calls himself, that "insufferable little Jesus" Bono, they "mean it, man":

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