Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Critical Announcement !!!!

My son Christopher is a trainer for M & I Bank. He is also one of the finalists for the august title of M & I Idol. (It's a very big company!) The competition will take place at 12:30 on the M & I Classic Rock Stage at Summerfest on July 4.

And if you ever need a live band reprising the alternative rock of the 90's, book his band SuperOpus. I can hook you up.


Anonymous said...

I know these things intoxicate parents but my sister in laws son received a very similar award from a very large public company after several years of employment and was let go several months later in cut backs. She was more devastated then he was.

Rick Esenberg said...

Just to clarify. This has to do with singing and not work.

Anonymous said...

This is apparently your attempt to one-up Chuckles Sykes, Rick, who has been gloating about his son's multiple state tennis titles over the past couple weeks.

Odd that Sykes didn't identify which of the various wives and former wives is the mother of the young star.