Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Shark recommends ...

I usually do all politics and law all the time, but its Sunday and my kid graduated from college today, so lighter fare is in order.

Said son has always said that I have a weakness for "quirky chick singers." The best is, of course, Beth Hart who sounds like Janis Joplin would have had she lived and gotten to be really good. That this woman is not a huge star is an indictment of the collective taste. Here's a sample:

One of my favorites in the Beth ouvre is a song called Skin apparently written about Hart's sister who died of AIDS. This video is unpolished but you get a sense of it:

For a guy who's into complicating things, I like the simple expression of human need. If I bow my head down to the ground, "will you heal my skin?" - the most apparent and creaturely part of me. I am not skin deep but please start there. Can I ask for at least that much?

The song ends by asking for "soley" delivery. Whatever that may be.

I'll return to the blog wars later.


James Rowen said...

You are most interesting when you give your Inner Quirky its freest rein.

Anonymous said...

I think that second clip is what Althouse calls breastblogging.

Anonymous said...

And congratulations! re your graduation, too -- to the status of father of a graduate.

Isn't it wonderful to see all those happy faces of graduates and families? If ever anyone needs a lift of the spirits, just hang around wherever there is a graduation.

For one thing, that's when the kids will soon take over the student loans -- so look at the relief as well as the pride in the faces of the parents, too.:-)

Rick Esenberg said...

Anon 12:34

I thought of that, but decided to have the courage of my convictions.

Anon 1:32

Thanks and that is so true. Chris is fortunate in that he was able to avoid loans for his undergraduate work - a fact that is not unrelated to the fact that May 20 is now known as "Out of Our Checkbook Day" in the Esenberg household. I have never spent money for a better purpose, but I have to admit that I am feeling rather flush today.

Anonymous said...

Beth has some of the same characteristics as the woman in the divorce lawyer billboard.

Regarding "soley" delivery, some words are intended to be felt not understood.