Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Give me my money

Don Imus is being sued for defamation by a member of the Rutgers basketball team that he described as "some nappy headed hos." Kia Vaughn will apparently argue that this is slander per se and that she need not prove damages.

I think she may have problems proving that Imus made a statement of fact in a way that is recognized by the law of defamation. Imus will argue that his statement was hyperbole that no reasonable person would take as an actual claim about Ms. Vaughn. I suspect that she will respond by claiming that he was playing on stereotypes that people buy into, etc.

Maybe I should wish her luck. An anonymous comment in response to one of my recent posts called me a "Republican whore." It wounded deeply. Where might I go for closure? Who will give me my reputation back?


Anonymous said...

Heard the Reddess on TMJ this morning.

You can't get it are trashed.

Anonymous said...

How much do you get payed as a Republican whore? I live in the Appleton area and need some extra cash.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Imus actually did the NOW Conference in Detroit as described on

Anonymous said...

If that was your daughter, you'd want Imus to pay -- since his mea culpas were crap. This case was not filed right away, waiting and seeing if he would live up to his promises.

Read the stories on his followup since.

Anonymous said...

Just be happy that "Republican whore" is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

"If that was your daughter, you'd want Imus to pay"

Maybe he would, maybe not. But if it was his daughter, Rick wouldn't be in a position to render a rational opinion. That's why friends, families, etc., don't sit on juries, to take emotion out of the equasion.

Anonymous said...

So, this lets it to to a jury. Glad we agree. Still not clear why Rick, a lawyer, doesn't agree with that -- or why what you say about juries has anything to do with how parents feel.

And it still doesn't address what Imus said he would do and hasn't done. Hmm, is that counter to an implied contract?

Anonymous said...


Give me my money?

I thought you took a vow of poverty when you joined the Jesuits.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who thinks Imus should 'pay' for slander is a perfect symbol of the pathetic suit happy society we live in today. Give me a break. If it were my daughter, we'd be laughing that he got fired over a comment that is no worse than what comes out of the mouths of millions every day in public, private, and on the air.
Lew, I disagree with the oxymoron comment. A Republican whore would make you pay for it. A democrat slut gives it away...yours, mine and ours. So a 'Democratic whore' is the oxymoron.