Friday, November 30, 2007

Black v. Blue

I don't do much sports here but tonight is the happy occasion of the renewal of a cross town rivalry between UWM and Marquette in men's college basketball. Maybe I should say that it is (with luck) the beginning of one since the old series wasn't much of a rivalry. UWM never won.

Although my day job is now at Marquette, I graduated from Milwaukee. Those loyalties stick. I am perfectly fine with ringing out ahoya on most days, but not tonight. A few years ago, UWM, now with a Division I program, started agitating for a game with MU and there were about three years (2003-04, 20045-05, and 2005-06) when we almost certainly would have won.

But not this year. I've seen our team and I doubt that they will stay within 20. Still it's good to see the two schools play.

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Anonymous said...

You can ring out ahoya all that you want to but on 12/08/07, the Wisconsin Badgers are going to kick some Marquette butt.