Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why Giuliani will be embraced by the right

John Nichols thinks there is some type of hypocrisy in Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani. It's always dangerous to write about people that you don't understand.

Politics is the art of possible. No one who doesn't show up when you look in the mirror is likely to be perfectly acceptable. So you must set priorities and make decsions based upon what is most likely to do the most good in the real world.

For social conservatives, the top ten considerations in a President are judicial appointments. Once you understand that, all will make sense.


Anonymous said...

Judicial appointments! God forbid if Rudy does get elected--would he appoint someone with as much credentials as Bernard Kerik?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous above. Giuliani seems to have the same problem with blind loyalty to friends that President Bush has. Further, if he gets the nomination, I think a lot of conservatives will stay home for the general election. If I could remember who it was, I would give proper credit to the person who said "when given the choice between a real Republican and a fake Republican, a Republican will vote for a Republican every time." There was a time when Giuliani would have qualified as a "real" Republican. But I don't think that is the case today. Of course, since I'm not a Republican, I could easily be wrong about this.

Anonymous said...

You libs are nuts. Are you suggesting that Bernard Kerik lacks or lacked "credentials"?
How was Giuliani to know that Kerik had personal baggage?
Bill Clintons serial sex assaults on women seems to be okie dokie with you moon bats.
Here is a perfect analogy.
Hillary Clinton supports a man who has admitted to lying to grand juries and got blow jobs from a subordinate in the oral office.
And you idiots are going to trust her judgement??
Christ you fuqqers make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Giuliana's own personal problems. Your apparent necessity for name-calling, disguised profanity and changing the subject don't really lend much credence to your case. However, I'll call with one mistress living in Gracie Mansion; and raise with the fact that it is the candidate himself (not his spouse) that committed the infidelity.

Anonymous said...

Giuliani was briefed at least twice on Kerik's issues, prior to recommending his appointment to President Bush.

Anonymous said...

Kerik's indiscretions have nothing to do with the performance of his job. Guiliani isn't Kerik's spouse. You libs are absurd angry freaks.
Lets talk about Hillary and Sandy Burglar, or her potential first lady who raped a woman and lied to grand juries.
As I've said before, Republicans take out their trash. You liberals are so filthy you can't even smell your rotting trash anymore.

Billiam said...

Point is, Rudy didn't appoint very many conservatives in NY. So why trust him when he says it now? Kerik is a minor issue, to be sure. Yet, Rudy's sudden conservatism is what I question.

Dad29 said...

Billiam's correct.

Rudy is very weak (at best) on the 2A, flatly said that he would NOT enforce Federal immigration-related laws in NYC, and has a 'foreign policy' advisor who recommends taking out the Governments of Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

And we should accept a window-dressing SCOTUS appointment or two in exchange?

Be serious.