Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Selling out for Mom?

I have two comments about Pimpgate. First, it was sort of a brain dead comment reflecting an inability to get the slang right. Chelsea Clinton is a 27 year old woman, not the kid that had to spend her adolescence in the White House. It generally does not require pimping to get a daughter to campaign for her mother. Heck, my son is not really a conservative but I suspect that, if I ran for office, he'd be out there.

But can we suspend the indignation? Aren't you fed up with offense as a political tactic?


Anonymous said...

How do you distinguish what Schuster said from what Olbermann said about the relationship between President Bush and General Patreaus? That reference to "pimping" went completely unpunished, and yet when the same comment is made about the politically popular Clinton instead of a President whose popularity is about that of spam, the indignation is unbearable. I think this speaks more about NBC than it does about Schuster.

Anonymous said...

RE: anon 10:43 -Apparently some of us aren't fed up with offense as a tactic.

Do you not see a difference between referring to a general as being pimped and a daughter being pimped?

Faux outrage is passé.

Anonymous said...

How hard did you have to hunt on your keyboard to find that little accent to put above the "e?"

Anonymous said...

And yes, I really do genuinely fail to see the difference. Both are characterizations; Chelsea was not "literally" being "pimped" any more than Patreaus was. So what makes one worse than the other?

Billiam said...

While I think the comment was uncalled for, what did they expect? These days, when you swim in the public eye, the slugs come out from under their rocks. The Clinton's had to know this was a possibility. If not, they're frauds.

Anonymous said...

When Hillary Rodham was pretending to be aghast at Schuster's comment, was she wearing a blue dress?

Anonymous said...

I had an evil thought.
Whilst we are so bizzy deciding how badly Chelsea Rodham Clinton was disrespected by the "pimped out" comment. (not dissed at all!!)
I was reminded of the good old days, when, attornies, and oath sworn Presidents of the United States of America, parsed and equivocated as to exactly what the word "IS" actually, culturally or technically meant.
I harkened back to The President of the United States, making a Prime Time, Nationally televised address to "we the people". He used all the resources of his power to get his "SPUDGE" on a 23 year old subserviant Jewish female interns blue dress, and other female parts!!!!! And he called the nation to a National Press Conference to SPECIFICALLY LIE TO US about his actions.
He looked us, (Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Dan disgraced Rather, in the eye and said.
((I'm gonna say this once. (angry look on face)......Ahhhh did not have, SEX-SHOO-AL-relations, with that woman......Miss Lewinsky))
He lied. He has not been held to account.
Is this what Rodham is talking about when she claims to have had a 35 year career of fighting??????