Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday's faded rockers

Under the general category of what might have been, I offer a clip from the debut performance of the Electric Flag at the 1967 Monterey Popr Festival. The group grew out of another fanstastic band that died too soon, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The Flag was the project of lead guitarist Mike Bloomfield who brought along singer Nick Gravenites. The original cast(with Bloomfield who was one of the early guitar heroes) recorded only one album. A pity. It was also a pity that Bloomfield never fully realized his talent, descending into drug and alcohol problems that killed him in the early 80s.

The barely audible chorus on this clip - sung by Bloomfield and bassist Harvey Brooks - is, of course, "wine, wine, wine."

And speaking of Monterey and what might have been, I offer as a bonus one of the most astonishing live performances of my increasingly lengthy life time.

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This explains some of your posts.

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