Saturday, June 21, 2008

The heck it's nap time! I've got rights!

I raised one child and have a fair amount of contact with another great little guy who is four years old. It has generally been my experience that one doesn't have to instill a sense of entitlement in the little buggers. They come with it. Apparently UNICEF feels differently.

H/T: K-Lo


Anonymous said...

Is your point simply reiterating the contention that modern society should not guarantee the baseline requirements for life, i.e., food, shelter, drinking water? If so, that's fine I suppose, its a pretty standard conservative assertion. But you chose a pretty obtuse way to reiterate this uninteresting proposition.

Or do you take issue with introducing children to a sense of individual autonomy and dignity? And, Rick, we both know, that this is not about children being able to do or demand whatever they want. But, when its playtime in an institutional childcare setting, is it so nuts to teach kids that they may chose from among available toys ?

And this is an international organization, so it may be useful to consider children with experiences that are not typical in Mequon.

Your commentary seems to be the standard right-wing way of killing any discussion of liberty or individual rights. When any mention is made of "rights" (other than property rights for some reason), you and yours sarcastically nuke the discussion by declaring that the opposition preaches the unqualified right to demand absent obligation to give or to respect others. Of course, that's never the case.

In anyevent, what type of childcare would you prefer? Ayn Rand's Pre-School? Where only the strongest, swiftest, and craftiest toddlers get fed (or take food from lesser toddlers)? Should we make them fight it out over the Tickle Me Elmo?

Anonymous said...

anon 2:53

Wow. You took this way too seriously (which isn't surprising for a lib). Bet you're alot of fun at a party.

Lighten up.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea of how much fun I am at a party. The one thing I thought we could all agree on is that libs have better parties.

Any, sure I saw the attempt at humor, but Rick was also making something of a point in trying to be funny.

I responded in kind. By the way, the Ayn Rand Pre-School stuff is a straight rip-off of the Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

I once went to a strictly College Democrat party (most things at Marquette are pretty bipartisan) and everything was Hamms and Bud Ice. I got down about 1/2 a Hamms.

Republicans definitely throw a better party. Just ask the former residents of 1414 State Street.