Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Andrew Greeley Just Must Know

The Wall Street Journal wonders whether the election of Barack Obama should mean the end of affirmative action. Andrew Greeley says that racism is so pervasive that his victory is unlikely. He suggests that all of the many reasons that someone might not support Obama may just mask racism. I was struck by this passage:

How many of the male readers of this column who are habitues of bars, locker rooms, commuter train bull sessions, pool rooms and men's clubs have not heard the indigenous racial slurs of such environments applied to Obama?

I can't say that I have been in a lot of pool rooms and, while I have been a member of private clubs, they were not "men's clubs." (Do these even exist anymore?.)But I do regularly hang out with some fairly conservative folks in environments where one eats red meat (but not too often, Karen) and drinks scotch. I have certainly been in bars and locker rooms and have had bull sessions. If racial slurs are "indigenous" to these environments, I have failed to hear them.

But Father Greeley is an old man. Let him indulge his smug little bigotries.

H/T; K-Lo.


Anonymous said...

I submit this to the good Father.
Father Greeley, howsbout you take a midnight stroll around any urban inner city and find out who is and isn't racist.

Rick, he's projecting. Libs assume others think like they do.
We don't.
Greeley knows less about pool rooms than I know about sacristies. For him to presume that the "unwashed" act this way is absurd. But that is how libs operate. They think everyone has the dark thoughts that they have.
We don't.

Terrence Berres said...

There's a proposal pending locally for a quarter billion dollar grant to test his hypothesis about "commuter train bull sessions".

Dad29 said...

FWIW, actual Catholics have long known that Greeley is a charlatan of the first water--as is his colleague, "Fr." Pfleger.

Greeley is merely transporting his sex-novel method to create a race-novel. Fiction, but with marketability.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe Stalin. . .howbout you talk with a few libs and find out what they think. Didn't your mother ever teach you not to assume?

Anonymous said...


This old man respectfully suggest you or your environs are not mainstream.

John McAdams said...

I remember Greeley from circa 1970 as a rather conservative fellow.

I haven't been paying much attention since.

He seems to have changed.

Dad29 said...

John McA: "conservative" maybe.

But he's always had it in for the Church in one way or the other.