Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Some folks want to be like an ostrich ...

And because I love you
I'll give it one more try
To show my rainbow race
It's too soon to die
- Peter Seeger

I blogged yesterday on the smuggery that can blind self-styled progressives. (Conservatives are subject to the same - rather human - malady.) But this struck me breathtakingly vainglorious.

Mike Plaisted went to the Earth Wind & Fire concert, you see, and danced with black people who didn't mug him. He seems rather proud of this and conservatives are supposed to be upset:

The gloom-and-doom radio and blog wing-nuts who celebrate every inner city tragedy and interracial dust-up with sanctimonious hand-wringing and calls for change are going to have a hard time dealing with what happened at Summerfest last night.

It was a gathering of the tribes - a "night of unity and love put the lie to so much of the manipulative right-wing world-that-isn’t." I guess that not one of the "brothers and sisters" would settle for anything less than a 39.6 marginal tax rate or single payer health care. Who would have known that funk makes you support unrestricted abortion and racial quotas?

If there were not (and he is sure there could not have been) any nasty conservatives in the crowd, it's OK because the Beautiful People (did you know they are friends of Mike?) don't need those wing-nuts and Rethuglicans:

Let ‘em. They missed it and who needs them anyway. Those of us who believe in the vibrancy of diversity will keep moving forward, leaving the professional haters in the dust of their own pathetic divisive agenda.

Dude, it was a concert.

But maybe it's a teachable moment. One of the reasons that people wring their hands at violent crime is that real people - perhaps some of those brothers and sisters who enjoyed "Shining Star" with you last night - are held hostage by it. Nor are we surprised that blacks and whites can experience a public event together (it happens at my church every Sunday) because we don't believe that there is a virulent racism underlying - well - everything. That's your schtick.

I am glad that Brother Plaisted had a good time and, yes, events like this can be uplifting and instructive. But I am not sure that the takeaway from an Earth Wind & Fire concert ought to be a sanctimony that makes George Clooney seem self-effacing.

Mike complains of a world "where we get so isolated from each other and some of us imagine we are against each other, when we really aren’t."

Exactly so, but, Mike, maybe you want to sit down and reread that line - again and again - until you get it.


Dad29 said...

Yah, well Glenn Frankovis beat Mike to that punch a LONG time ago.

Quoting Glenn:

...then there must be alot more conservatives living in and around Metcalfe Park then either of us could ever imagine. When I used to meet with the residents at Larry Moore’s Metcalfe Park Neighborhood Association meetings, the things they wanted me and my Officers to do caused me to have to give them a basic lesson in the 4th Amendment (even though I understood exactly what and why they were saying what they were saying). It was more an explanation of why we couldn’t do everything they were asking of us in the manner they wanted - like just going into the houses of suspected drug dealers and arresting them without a warrant or probable cause. And you’d be amazed at their feelings about loud music blaring from cars and/or double parking. I always enjoyed their solutions to the problems they would bring to my attention. It very definitely dispelled the myth that nobody cares.

http://badgerblogger.com/?p=7211#comments (see comment #32.)

Funny, that. People are the same all over, with the usual exceptions that constitute about 5% of the population.

Glad Atty. Plaisted found out.

He could have gone to Messmer HS and learned the same thing.

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Anonymous said...

Mike, did you make that last post?

Mike Plaisted said...

No, Anony, the same racist jerk left a similar link on my comments.

Rick Esenberg said...

Why do you assume it was a "racist jerk?" It appears to be spam from a black woman who wants to promote interracial dating among black women.