Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Concordia Rams

On Friday afternoon, the Reddess and I went over to Concordia (we live about a mile and a half down the road) to watch the Rams practice. It was the first of training camp and mostly boring. The offense and defense walked through very basic plays. There was a drill, however, that pitted receivers against DBs in some quick patterns. You could tell there were some jobs on the line. That was fun to watch.

Our local watering hole - the Highland House - has gone all in on the Rams presence and, when we stopped in for a quick margarita and quesadilla before taking in The Dark Knight, there were some Rams fans there - notwithstanding that practice had not quite ended.

I suspect that we'll go back a few times - certainly for the scrimmage. We all ought to pay attention to Concordia. It may grow into a tremendous community asset.

More on The Dark Knight later.


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