Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A few initial reactions

It doesn't look like an Obama blowout, but without Pennsylvania, the path to victory for McCain is remote. He needs to win Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana Missouri and Florida - all currently too close to call. It seems unlikely that all of these would break the right way.

But even that leaves him ten electoral votes short and there are only three places to get them - New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. He has to win two of the three.

At this point, it looks like 51-48 and 317-221 for Obama. 57 Dems in the Senate.


Anonymous said...

The good news is that Florida passed its marriage amendment even though it voted for Obama who opposed it.

tom paine said...

Anonymous said...

"The good news is that Florida passed its marriage amendment"

Concern about something as insignificant as a marriage amendment is exactly what's wrong with our system. We have often allowed what are basically non-issues to become the focal point of elections at the expense of truly important issues.

Back on the farm it was known as:

"Picking the fly crap out of the pig pen."