Sunday, November 02, 2008

Old songs for election week

Old rock for election day.

For my liberal friends, we'll start with the great John Lee Hooker's "Democrat Man" released in 1960. It's a bit anachronistic for today. Hooker wants the Democrats in power so he won't go to the "welfare store" but women keep voting them out. (You have to wait for the introductory jingle to end.)

In acknowledgement of this year's Democrat Man, here's Willie Dixon singing the Seventh Son. "I can heal the sick/raise the dead."

But to acknowledge him in another way, let's listen to Rush and "The Trees." "Now there's no more oak oppression/For they passed a noble law/And the trees are all kept equal/By hatchet, axe and saw" (Warning: Hair Alert)

In honor of Sarah Palin, as we prepare to elect the most pro-abortion President in our history, here is the Cranberries' "Icicle Melts."

And for John McCain - and for all of us - there can be no surrender. It's one of those times. "Well, now young faces grow sad and old/And hearts of fire grow cold/
We swore blood brothers against the wind/Now I'm ready to grow young again."


tom paine said...

Well Rick, you may think that John Lee Hooker is relevent but at the risk of showing my age...I'm gonna go with what some Dylan guy said in the lyrics of a 1963 song titled "Master of War."

Couple of really good verses in there. He was pretty much correct then and I don't see anything very different today.

Do you?

Anonymous said...

Great Choice on the Rush tune...