Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meet me in St. Louis ...

... since I do not have the swine flu. I will be speaking on judicial electons at the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference on June 4.


Anonymous said...

No, I won't be meeting you in St. Louis, not for this event, certainly, but give my best to my college classmate Grover Norquist and to Phyllis Schafly and "Senator" Norm Coleman (can you break it to him gently that he isn't one any more?). More importantly, it's great to hear you don't have the swine flu!

When you and the Reddess are in St. Louis, stop in at BB's Jazz Blues and Soups, 700 S. Broadway. A great blues joint -- and there are several others on the same block, all within a short walk from the hotel.

Anonymous said...

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