Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reflections on recall day

I have always expected that the recall organizers would meet their mark. Public employee unions are very good at the type of organization that this requires and, it appears, did a good job. Given the value of electronic communication and social media in any such effort and the intensity of feeling on the other side, their success is not surprising.

But it is success and congratulations to them. While I doubt that there are over a million distinct and valid signatures, there should certainly be enough to hold an election. (Not that this should not be verified.)

Whether this translates into electoral success is another matter. Recall organizers did very well in last year's Senate recalls and wound up losing to four of the six targeted Republicans. There is no particularly strong candidate on the Democratic side and the other side is about to start playing.

We are a purple state and I suspect that the results of the recall election will show that. I think the Governor will win but I also suspect a close and hard fought race.

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