Thursday, January 05, 2012

Today's "hang Walker" balloon has burst

For those who are so sure that there is a shoe to waiting to drop on Scott Walker as a result of the eighteen month old John Doe investigation, today had to be disappointing. Word came out this morning that the District Attorney was going to issue charges. A former Walker aide had been arrested. The glee and anticipation on the part of bloggers and touts and even Democratic politicians was palpable.

And what do they get? Charges as a result of an investigation into missing funds that was initiated because the Walker administration asked for it. It was Walker's chief of staff who was concerned that  funds from a county sponsored program to benefit veterans might be missing. In other words, we have a former Walker employee charged with stealing money from a Walker administration program as a result of an investigation initiated because the Walker administration dropped a dime.

Talk about corruptus interruptus.

There was speculation this morning on at least on lefty blog concerning "where the money went." To Walker? No, it turns out, that the money is alleged to have spent by Tim Russell on personal needs including a vacation with his domestic partner, Brian Pierick.

Where is Scott Walker in this? In about the same place as any other guy who has an employee who is alleged to have stolen from the shop. My guess is that he feels, if the charges turn out to be true, betrayed and, on behalf of the taxpayers and veterans who benefited from this program, victimized.

The only way that you can turn this into something that reflects poorly on Walker is to make him responsible for anything that someone who works for him does and ignore the facts of the case. If the allegations are true, then a guy who worked for Walker did a bad thing for his own reasons. The bad thing actually hurt something that Walker wanted to do. To put this on Walker is guilt by association. It is, quite literally, to blame the victim.

But I am sure that there are folks out there who are sufficiently clueless or mendacious to do just that.


Dad29 said...

The headlines will be in (D) ads as soon as they find a candidate to run against Walker.

Gives us the "Most Mendacity" award-contender for '12.

jimspice said...

Please go read more closely page 19-20 of the charges.

Rick Esenberg said...

Oh please! Scott Walker wanted Russell to steal thousands of dollars so he could spend $ 150 or so on domain names? Do you really believe that? That's what your scandal is? C'mon man!

Brew City Brawler said...

So you're assuming there's nothing more coming out of the investigation?

RB said...

What is (D)an Bice going to do now? Go back to writing about the decor in the Governor's Residence?

Rick Esenberg said...

Because John Doe investigations are secret, I'm not assuming anything. One of the things that has bothered me about this is the innuendo that has come from the flacks and bloggers who don't know a damn thing but act as if they do. I admit that I don't know a damn thing and, therefore, am not going to claim or hint that someone must be in a lot of trouble.

Here's an example. Chris Liebenthal wrote a piece in the Shepherd Express using the search warrants served on Russell in support of the proposition that Walker has a big problem. While I can't rule out that there is something else, today's news suggests that all of that had nothing to do with Walker and - we would never have guessed this - that it was a result of suspicions communicated by the Walker administration to the DA.

George Mitchell said...

Rick is correct. No one knows what else might be coming. When and if there is more then it will merit comment.

Today's charges are quite Tim Russell,

They reflect nothing on Walker, who initiated the investigation.

Dan Bice, George Stanley, and the MJS headline writers are determined to undercut the newspapers' Pulitzer credibility.

Anonymous said...

George--Do you refrain from commenting on matters that have yet to be fleshed out in detail when it comes to Doyle, unions, Obama, liberals, Democrats, etc., or do you provide like our good professor here the Standard Contradictory Disclaimers™?

Of course, Professor, by ballyhooing how certain lefty bloggers are perfidious with their own interpretations of the John Doe investigation surrounding Walker’s cronies, you yourself are NOT in any way, shape, or form engaging in the behaviors that you allegedly disdain.


Yes, I think it is premature to speculate until more details are revealed. But, professor, that is what bloggers and pundits do, and you are part of that community. You also trumpet your own assumptions (as if they are “more right” or “less wrong”). So, please sir, get off your high horse. Until you start consistently pontificating against your own brethren on the right who engage in similar behaviors (i.e. gleeful speculations and guilt by associations), you simply come across as yet another partisan.

capper said...

Considering that Chisolm described the investigation as ongoing, I think that would be a strong implication that it is indeed ongoing.

Plus these events leave several things unaddressed, such as the fact that Andrew Jensen, who is not mentioned in any of the complaints, is expected to meet with the DA on January 25.

Nor does it address the complaint filed by DPW, so that would still be pending as well.

See what a little honesty can show?

George Mitchell said...

Anon 8:46

Today's coverage exceeds 3,500 words, by several reporters.

George Mitchell said...

The reaction (below) of the Democratic Party's spokesman —
Graeme Zielinski — is instructive. If the MJS were to report on this would the headline and body of the story refer frequently to a "former Journal Sentinel reporter"?

Liar SykesCharlie: did you profit financially from #WisGop activists who were trying to rape boys?
10:22 PM - 5 Jan 12 via MOTOBLUR · Details

Liar @SykesCharlie; Explain to your #WTMJ listeners your cozy relationship with alleged boy rapists.
10:10 PM - 5 Jan 12 via MOTOBLUR · Details

So, two top aides to a sitting governor were trying to rape boys. Nothing to see here, #GovWalker. #SykesCharlie #WiRecall
10:02 PM - 5 Jan 12 via MOTOBLUR ·

Liar @SykesCharlie: I DARE your cowardly corpus to have me on your show tomorrow.

Display Name said...

After reading the criminal complaint, I was left to wonder why Walker and his crew had no idea that these two were the type who'd cruise Craiglist for 18-year-olds, and that they'd employ anyone so stupid as to use their real names and/or Walker's name as part of their email address or Yahoo handle while they were doing it.

I'm also curious: Were they content with domestic partnership, and what was their stand on gay marriage?

Is Walker so libertarian as to say their sexual preference and lifestyle didn't matter in the context of inviting them into his inner circle?

jimspice said...

"That's what your scandal is?"

My scandal is what a crappy administrator this governor is, particularly in regard to staffing decisions. He has proven time and again that his judgment is suspect, from hiring unqualified children of big donors, to to rapid turnaround of agency heads, to yes, continuing to seek the services of a man who'd already PROVEN himself suspect. The big question I want to see answered is why Russell, a LONG time Walker go-to guy, did not accompany his benefactor to the governor's office. Yes, this is speculation, but I believe he is corrupt. At best, and backed up by plenty of evidence, he is incompetent.

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Rick Esenberg said...

I have no idea what "Capper" means by a little honesty. I understand and acknowledged that the DA continues on this long standing and, to date, largely quiet investigation. Maybe things will change and an investigation that has found very little will find a lot. Could happen. But people like Capper and Mr. Spice don't know what will happen. They just want it to happen because it will hurt someone whose politics they don't like.

As far as whether I should address speculation by my "brethren" on the right, I think I have pointed out where I disagree with what they are saying, e.g., the Taylore Love House or whatever it is that they call it.

Mazo Jeff said...

Hi Professor!

Great article. I agree that there may be more to see but what has been shown has to be difficult for the left to swallow. Lots of haters with WDS (Walker Derangement Syndrome) are hyperventilating!! My thoughts are: 1) all this took place PRIOR to Scott Walker becoming Governor; 2) I think when they discovered the discrepancy in the account, they had know idea who was involved or what happened to the $$. That is why they asked the DA to investigate. That is why Russell was kept on and 3) Why did DA not immediately prosecute the child Enticement charges. If there were some incidents after the discovery of this, does the DA bear responsibility (and liability) particularly in light of the political motivations of the DA's Office??

Mazo Jeff said...

PS! Mr Anonymous!! "Perfidious" and "pontificating". My such big words for such a small mind

Anonymous said...

Mazo Jeff--Admirable that you came to the defense of one of your boyzzz. But unless you are able to supply counter evidence to my my 8:46 p.m. post, all you did was attack my character. Sad!

Professor-- "I think I have pointed out where I disagree with what they are saying..."

Without a plethora of "perhaps", "maybes", "on the other hand", etc. or carefully worded statements that still lend support to their overall points? I don't think so.

Professor--"But people like Capper and Mr. Spice don't know what will happen. They just want it to happen because it will hurt someone whose politics they don't like."

Again, you yourself have also speculated on matters which have yet to be fleshed out on a number of your posts with a partisan bent. So you are no better or no worse than them!

Anonymous said...

As a partisan hack, I'm going to spin this as I see fit. If the individuals and politicians involved are from my party, then this means nothing, is all a big witch hunt, you can't prove anything, etc. etc. etc.

If, on the other hand, the people involved are not of my party, then it just goes to show how evil and incompetent they are.

I see no issues with this, and the desired endorphins have been released as a result of my participation in simple-minded tribalism.


Mad G said...

When I see the words "Mark Block" associated with all of this, I know there is and will be more to this investigation. To think otherwise is foolish. Some of you should know better.

Mazo Jeff said...

Thank Mr Anonymous, may I please have another!
So, please sir, get off your high horse. Until you start consistently pontificating against your own brethren on the right who engage in similar behaviors (i.e. gleeful speculations and guilt by associations), you simply come across as yet another partisan."
does not sound like "an attack on Professor's character" Yes sad indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Mazo Jeff--My statement was not an attack on the Professor's character, but simply a reference to his tendencies to gloss over his own side in certain matters. But knock yourself out if you think I impugned his reputation.

Unknown said...

----MJS headline writers are determined to undercut the newspapers' Pulitzer credibility.----

This is the kind of laugh-out-loud humor that keeps me coming here!!!!

Anonomous5 - Sorry there's so many of us.