Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shark on Dead Tree

Here's my column in this morning's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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Tom said...

Let me sum up the negative responses to your post.

1) Aha, you're not a full professor! Success! I have disproven everything you say!

2) I'm going to point out the loss of buying power in government employees, without acknowledging that you conceded that point and went on to point out that any other solution to plugging the deficit would have taken the same amount of money out of other people's hands.

Good post - I've been making the same point - the loss of buying power having to land somewhere - among friends with some actual success. Probably the best counterargument is that with at least some taxes, that loss would fall in part outside of Wisconin's borders. But any tax that could make a significant dent on $3.6 billion is going to fall more heavily on residents than non-residents.