Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shark's Bracket

Humiliation is good for the soul. I have just uploaded my bracket.

Here are my first round upsets.

13 New Mexico State over 4 Indiana
12 Long Beach State over 5 New Mexico
14 Belmont over 3 Georgetown
11 NC State over 6 San Diego State

The Sweet Sixteen: Kentucky, Wichita State, Baylor, Duke, Michigan State, Louisville, Marquette, Missouri, Kansas State (!), Wisconsin, Florida State, Ohio State, North Carolina, Temple, North Carolina State and Kansas.

The Elite Eight: Wisconsin, Florida State, Ohio State, North Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan State, Baylor, Kentucky

The Final Four: Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Kentucky.

Kentucky over North Carolina on Monday night.

Here's where I'm sure to be wrong.

Wisconsin doesn't have the firepower to get that far. But I think it comes down to the Vanderbilt game. Syracuse is going out early. The winner of UW-Vanderbilt takes the bracket. (I'd like to see Harvard make a run but it won't happen.) I've decided that it's just still our time. (Hey, Lunardi has them there too.)

I'm betting against Tom Izzo. Probably a mistake.

Kentucky may just be too young.

I am not confident that Marquette makes the Sixteen. I think they are only a slight favorite over Murray State and could even lose to BYU today.


Anonymous said...

I'm no psychic...but I guarantee at least one of the teams in your final FOUR does not make it...

George Mitchell said...

I'm in Louisville. Watched MU answer every challenge BYU made. The Warriors are fortunate BYU got out of the gate slowly.

Tomorrow night's game will be a road game for MU. Murray State will have the place full.

My companion and I voted on best/worst band and cheerleading squad. MU gets a special dishonorable mention for having the worst designed outfits for their cheerleaders.

A possible good portent: Murray State has by far the worst band.

U were and r right as far as UW and Vandy goes. If the Badgers beat them they have a plausible shot to play at least two more games.

Anonymous said...

You're a better lawyer than bracketologist, Rick.

Rick Esenberg said...

Quite clearly.