Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"I think what you're seeing, not just in our African-American community but across the country, is a distrust of police departments,"

In response to the troubling incident on a Milwaukee County bus, that is what Urban League President President Ralph Hollmon had to say.

I understand that a soundbite in the paper may or may not reflect the totality of one's thoughts on the matter and I am sure that Mr. Hollman isn't advocating a policy of "no snitching." But is this truly effective leadership? What happened on that bus - the behavior of the accused and the inaction of the passengers - is what is tearing apart a community whose best interests I am sure he has at heart. Wouldn't it have been an appropriate place and time to speak to that?


Anonymous said...

Won't happen. The "black community" has inculcated such a servile "speak no evil" attitude that it is incapable of producing real leaders, i.e. people who will openly differentiate shit from shinola.

Exhibit A on 1290 today: the woman who is always on before Von has some guests who deal with AIDs in the black community. It's supposed to be an awareness raising show. All the callers while I was listening came on to air the conspiracy theories they have derived from various books, "experts", and hearsay. To wit, HIV is not real and The Man is up to something with it. Or HIV-AIDS is real, but The Man created it to kill black people. etc. etc.

The show host and her guests obviously felt this was all total bull-honky, but they REFUSED to say so. They dignified the nonsense, tried to reason with it without really breaking it down and debunking it, and this forced the host to fall back on the only common ground--SOMETHING is killing a lot of people, and we should do SOMETHING about it.

Obviously there is way too much invincible ignorance in this community mainly because intelligent people have no balls whatsoever when it comes to pointing it out.

Milwaukee needs some new leaders who take seriously the following:

Dad29 said...

The JS does no one ANY favors by quoting Hollomon in that fashion.