Friday, February 23, 2007

Some of the glee on the left side of the local bloggage around Charlie Sykes' mistaken interpretation of a portion of Michael McGee's Jr's recent impression of Captain Queeg reminds me of Fitzmas.

Plaisted says he lied . The day was that much brighter for Eugene Kane and Paul Soglin as well. It didn't make his blog, but my Backstory colleague Jim Rowen sent around an e-mail sharing the Good News. Nothing is sweeter than the other side messing up. (Update: It did.)

Sykes apologized and properly so. But the notion that he lied or was engaged in some type of subliminal racist stereotyping is silly. First, he played the tape of McGee's comments before he (incorrectly) referred to McGee's comments as "Jew cops" rather than "Jude cops." If you are going to lie about something, you normally don't associate the lie with the evidence that disproves it. Second, no one the panel corrected him. In fact, my recollection is that, when he asked Mikel Holt what McGee meant by that, Holt said he didn't know. Third, the reason that he played the tape and that no one on the panel heard anything else is that it sounded like that is what McGee said.

But life is short and far be it from me to deny anyone a good time. If I can enjoy Teddy Kennedy calling Barak Obama "Osama", then I certainly shouldn't call bar time on anyone else's party.


Other Side said...

Or, it is expected that Sykes will say something outrageous and it is properly ignored.

Or, no one wanted to bite the hand feeding them.

Or, Rick, you're right and life is too short to worry ... or care.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Sykes is a cosmic hemorrhoid who should lighten up. While I often agree with him, his worldview is far too simplistic amd bombastic.

In his world, everyone who disagrees with him is not only wrong but immoral. Life isn't as simple as the thrice-married Charlie Sykes would like to make it.

Also, it is somewhat ironic to listen to Chickenhawk Charlie beat the drums for the war. After all, when his classmates were serving in Viet Nam, Chickenhawk Charlie was nowhere to be found. Quite the "profile in courage."

Dad29 said...

Well, Anony, let's go directly to the ad-hominem. Don't waste any time with intelligent discussions.

Billiam said...

Hmmm. Posting anonymous, and making cracks about courage. Interesting. I didn't hear it, but, having listened to Sykes for quite a long time, I believe he was sincere in his apology.

Other Side said...

Anonymous often agrees with Sykes? I'd give anything to see what he has to say when he disagrees with him.

What's wrong daddio ... you got out Torqemada...ed?

Bill, you are very trusting.

Anonymous said...

other side--
Nice to see you taking time away from your other internet pursuits that usually occur at 2am.
At least you get to skate through your day job.

Michael J. Mathias said...

I've listned to a lot of Belling and Sykes over the years, and what ocurred to me was this: Belling is actually much more careful, and probably would have called McGee to ask for an explanation before playing the audio. Sykes was so sure he was right, he went right on the air with it. It's not so much that it blew up in his face, but that demonstrated really shoddy work by his producers, and, ultimately, by him. It matters little whether his apology was sincere--it was a mistake he never should have made.

As a side note, I'm really sick of anonymous commenters. If you're so proud of your views and your owm morality, leave your name.

Anonymous said...

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