Sunday, October 21, 2007


On the way home from church, we were listening to TMJ's replay of Brett Favre's first game (other than one play the week before)as a Packer. One of the first things that Max McGee said after Don Majkowski left with an injury and Favre came in was to note that, if Brett Favre went down, Ty Detmer could become active and finish the game. Max McGee had many years ahead of him but he would not live to see Brett Favre go down. (Although Favre has left a few games with what proved to be, in his world any way, "minor" injuries.)

As for Max, I only met him once and very briefly. He was a witness in a case I was involved in up in Minneapolis and did not know a thing. But, given his role on the old Packers and years as a radio guy, I do feel a bit like an aquaintance has passed. R.I.P.

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