Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dancing into the future

I just caught a bit of Charlie Sykes discussing - with my wife - the viral video in which a wedding party dances up the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever." Charlie seemed surprised that she liked it and expressed some certainty that I wouldn't want to do it. I'm not so sure. I certainly wouldn't have somersaulted. In any event, I am skeptical that I would have done it well.

Some commenters thought the entrance inappropriate - particularly if one views marriage as a sacrament.

Not so.

If a sacrament is a sign or manifestation of God's love and grace in the world, then it seems to me that joy is an appropriate response. The end of the video - with the bride dancing into her future - was one of the more joyful things I've seen lately.

While I suppose that one could object to the secular nature of the music, a lot of wedding marches express no religious sentiment and the objection presupposes a duality that is decidedly non-Catholic.

On the other hand, I suspect that most wedding parties will do it poorly. While not all of the members of this party could dance, the surprise and aura (if not the fact) of spontaneity absolved them. That won't happen if this becomes a not unusual thing.


reddess said...

I received a picture as a gift awhile back that took my breath away. It was a picture of Jesus, but not a typical one. Jesus was laughing - hysterically.
His head was tilted back, mouth open; a gut wrenching laugh.

Joy is a part of Jesus

Anonymous said...

reddess -

he must have been watching the Obama election or healthcare debate. :)

Billiam said...

It's not something I would do. After all, I can't do anything that would be remotely compared to dancing. In fact, I would liken my dancing skills to a retarded Chimp going through elctric shock treatments. That said, did not David dance before the Lord? It was an expression of joy! Neat.

reddess said...

anon 2:56

Why I thought that the guy in the picture looked like someone!
That's it. Or is it Brett Favre?

Topic #2 of the day:
Will he or won't he? Brett Favre - stay retired. I love Brett to pieces. He gave us all some super (oh wait-not many of those) memories. Why can't I get rid of the #'s 4th and 26?

Anonymous said...

Uh. . .Reddess. . .you do know that the "picture" was someone's drawing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56. No, He was probably laughing at the birthers.

Dad29 said...


There is no requirement that weddings take place in a church. And the usual place for revelry of that sort is ALSO "not a church."

I have no idea why lawyers haven't done one of these while entering the Supreme Court, by the way. /irony

(The Reddess failed to mention that King David was also stark naked while doing the rhumba. Let's contemplate Rick........no, let's not.)

John Foust said...

Don't fret, Daddio. It probably wasn't a Catholic church. Let the heathens do what they want. We'll see if they get past your inquisition at the Pearly Gates.

Reddess, did he look more like Buddy Christ or more like Yassir Arafat? I always thought Jesus would've looked more like Yassir.

Rick Esenberg said...

Uh. . .Reddess. . .you do know that the "picture" was someone's drawing.

No, she thinks someone caught it with a 2000 year old Polaroid Swinger.

Wbat she is saying is that the image corresponds with and expresses what she believes to me a theological truth. Distortion to serve one's arrogance is never pretty.


It doesn't surprise me that you see it this way and we probably agree more than we disagree on these matters. But do recall Augustine: "in essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity."

And don't worry. I have no idea how to do the rumba.

reddess said...

OMG. They sure fooled me with that picture. I could have sworn that it was taken by a Polaroid Brownie.

Anonymous said...

"Charlie seemed surprised that she liked it and expressed some certainty that I wouldn't want to do it."

Are you contemplating replacing Wife #2 with Wife #3?

reddess said...

No. He's thinking of taking dancing lessons.

Dad29 said...

I don't doubt we agree in majority...

And we both agree with GKChesterton's maxim to the effect that Christians are distinguished by their joy in life.

But to quote the Byrds who quoted another OT verse: "To everything there is a season."

Jimby said...

"It probably wasn't a Catholic church. Let the heathens do what they want. We'll see if they get past your inquisition at the Pearly Gates."

Hmmm, sounds a lot like Taliban style thinking, be like us or eternal death to you. You must be so proud to have this type of following

John Foust said...

It's just Natural Law, Jimbo. The Catholics are right and that means no one else in all of human experience can be right.

And now one for the lawyers.

reddess said...

I saw this earlier today and was too lazy to look at the original. This isn't the same people trying to extend their time in the limelight is it? Some of those women had a really good high kick;
the sort of kick some pro dancer has.

I thought that all lawyers could dance like this.

Anonymous said...

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