Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Night Songs

Sometimes I get push back for my Sunday musical selections. Why do I it? Because I can. And because I have found out about things I liked in the oddest places and maybe someone else will too.

Today I turn to my occasional theme of, in my son's words,"quirky chick singers." I am not generally a fan of country music and I don't know that she is particularly quirky, but I do like Miranda Lambert.

And since I am on country music tonight, I am reminded that a few years ago, the Reddess and I went to a couple shops on Rodeo Drive in ball caps and sun glasses. They were really nice to us. I am convinced that they thought we were Reba McEntire and her manservant.


jp said...

Great stroke ending the set with a redhead.

Clutch said...

Love Miranda Lambert. "Dry Town" kicks butt, and is funny in the self-aware way of lots of classic country music.