Monday, November 06, 2006

Prepare for Armegeddon? Is Justice Stevens ill?

There is a rumor going about that a Supreme Court Justice is seriously ill. Some are saying it's Stevens. You can find some discussion of this on the internet here. This could be a rumour that is being generated as part of somebody's GOTV effort, but in a sense that is besides the point. The most important thing about tomorrow's election is the Senate. The likelihood that there will be a vacancy (hopefully by retirement)in the next two years is extremely high. Given that this vacancy is far more likely to be from the five Justices who have voted to uphold Roe v. Wade, the next confirmation battle will be only slightly less bloody than Verdun.

My guess is that the GOP loses seats in Rhode Island (who cares?), Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia. It picks up Maryland for a loss of three. The new Senate is 52-46-2.

And if Justice Stevens is ill, my prayers are with him.

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Anonymous said...

Now you all are screwed regarding the Court, eh? I suppose it will take a couple years for your lawsuits taking away rights of families to work their way up there. Thankfully, we'll have a new Senate for confirmation proceedings.