Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shark on TMJ4 tonight

I will be on TMJ4's election coverage tonight, commenting on the returns on the marriage amendment. James Widgerson, Ingrid from Fair Wisconsin and I will be remote with John Mercure at UWM. Will I mention the fraudulent robocalls?


pirschen43 said...

Hey Rick, I watched a webcast of the debate that you and Christopher Wolfe did at the Orpheum, and you both strongly insisted that it would not affect existing benefit structures.

When (not if) the ADF resurrects its lawsuit against the Madison School District regarding domestic partnership benefits, citing the new amendment, I hope you will defend the school district rigorously.

Rick Esenberg said...

I doubt they'll ask me and I do not know precisely what their program entails, but I do not believe that the amendment, as written, prohibits an employer from allowing you to share your benefits with an adult dependent. A closer question arises when an employer limits the dependent with whom benefits may be shared to someone with whom you are in a spouse-like relationship, but, even then, I think that the intent of the drafters and the wording og the amendment is pretty clear. Because it doesn't create a laegal status identical to or substantially similar to marriage, it is permitted.