Monday, July 02, 2007

Dion song for Hillary is silly

If I poke fun at Hillary Clinton's campaign song, someone will immediately point to some fatuous song chosen by a GOP candidate and call me a hypocrite so let me get that part out of the way. I can't name a Republican candidate who ever chose a good campaign song. (I do believe that Limbaugh's use of the Pretender's "Ohio" is theme song genius, but, as I have blogged before, I seem to have this permanent crush on Chrissie Hynde.)

The best theme I can recall was actually Mike Dukakis' use of Creedence 's "Fortunate Son." John Kerry's choice of Springsteen's "No Surrender" was also not bad. Both songs were a counterpoint to a potental weakness for each candidate - the perception that he was effete and elitist. At the very least, they did not contribute to that perception

So can I say that Hill's choice of Celine Dion's "You and I" is just awful. The song is everything Hillary's critics say that she is - vapid, grandiose and, at a subliminal level, French.

Here's the part that gets to me:

High above the mountains, far across the sea
I can hear your voice calling out to me
Brighter than the sun and darker than the night
I can see your love shining like a light

Whose voice is this? Are we worshipping Hill or has the Most Amazing Woman World in the World heard our prayers?

You and I/Were meant to fly ? Higher than the clouds/We'll sail across the sky ? I think this just may qualify as taking yourself too seriously.

But here's a great possibility for Obama.


illusory tenant said...

Be sure to hold your Bic lighter aloft tonight, as you sway to a few choruses of "We don't need no education."

Rick Esenberg said...

I believe that the current custom is to use cell phones. On the other hand, we are probably at flashback stage by then so going retro would be ok.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering if we will be upwind or downwind from the large cloud of smoke inside the amphitheater.