Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Political prisoners aren't what they used to be

Fred Gordon says that the case against Michael McGee, Jr is "made up of snitches, wire taps and McGee's own mistakes."

I think this is a defense lawyer for "Mike is screwed." This means that he has got eyeball witnesses to his crimes, was recorded committing them and, in the strange parlance of our time, is guilty as sin, i.e., made "mistakes." McGee apparently accidentally brokered a deal to have a guy beat up. He slipped and wound up with a bribe in his hand. He meant to call his wife and ask for a new toothbrush but somehow wound up talking to somebody else about bribing a witness. Who even knows how that happened?

Yet Gordon thinks McGee is a "political prisoner." Yeah, he's a real Solzhenitsyn. He's a regular Martin Luther King in the Birmingham jail. Some moral paragons write missives on natural law and civil disobedience when they are on the inside. Others tamper with witnesses. Whatever.

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Zach W. said...

I'm no criminal defense attorney, but even from my vantage point Michael McGee's goose looks cooked. This is a guy who, after being told he couldn't speak about the John Doe proceedings, promptly decided to talk to his girlfriend/baby's momma about the situation. If news reports that I've read are true and Michael McGee has actually been trying to manipulate this case from his jail cell via telephone, then he's stupider than even I thought, and he deserves everything he gets.