Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Felony silverware possession

I don't bash public school teachers or even administrators. As I have said before, my sister in an administrator in MPS and my daughter-in-law just started teaching at an MPS high school. I have a brother-in-law who works as a guidance counselor and a sister-in-law who is a physical therapist in a public school district.

So I can't believe that most public schools would have a little girl arrested for bringing a steak knife to school to use to ... cut steak.

But here's my question. The actions of the school officials seem to reflect a level of stupidity that I have never encountered in any organization with which I have been affiliated or even remotely acquainted. I have met very few individuals who would be dumb enough to do this.

I guess I can understand having a policy that prohibits kids from bringing things like steak knifes to school. But having the kid arrested? Suspending her for ten days?

Yet this isn't really an isolated story. We've heard of actions like this before.
My sense is that this is a product of a mentality that regards the "weapon" itself as intrinsically evil. Sort of like an evil totem that infuses its spirit into those who possess it.

Can anyone - anywhere - defend this?


Dad29 said...

Trust me, Rick. While there are a lot of educators who have common sense, the % is a LOT less than you would like to think it is...

Unknown said...

Rick, the left doesn't want to deal with the real issues involved with violence and crime. People don't make bad choices, the object they choose to use made the choice.
Same is true of "hate speech". Free speech cannot be trusted, because some may not use it wisely.
Liberals attempt to censor and to ban objects that might be used improperly. Their Jesus in piss is protected speech. Someone else's speech is "hate speech".
What strikes me as illogical is the banning of KNIVES does not stop someone who intends to injure or use a weapon. Those who commit homicide are already breaking rules/laws. Telling them they can't MURDER, doesn't stop them, so telling them they can't have a knife in school only stops the good kids who wouldn't use the knife for nefarious purposes.
In the weak mind of a liberal, we must stop KNIVES, not criminals.