Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Shark and the Shepherd

From Benedict XVI's Christmas homily:

The message of Christmas makes us recognize the darkness of a closed world, and thereby no doubt illustrates a reality that we see daily. Yet it also tells us that God does not allow himself to be shut out. He finds a space, even if it means entering through the stable; there are people who see his light and pass it on. Through the word of the Gospel, the angel also speaks to us, and in the sacred liturgy the light of the Redeemer enters our lives. Whether we are shepherds or "wise men" - the light and its message call us to set out, to leave the narrow circle of our desires and interests, to go out to meet the Lord and worship him. We worship him by opening the world to truth, to good, to Christ, to the service of those who are marginalized and in whom he awaits us

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Dad29 said...

Whether we are shepherds or "wise men"

For exam credit:

1) Is this a false dichotomy?

2) Is the Pope slamming shepherds? Wise men?

3) Where are the sharks?